Sexual Assault Prevention Month Awareness Campaign 2019

May 1st marks the start of Sexual Assault Prevention Month. Ontario recognizes this month as a time to raise awareness about the impact of sexual assault and focus on the measures being taken to stop violence and support survivors.

Alcohol and other substances are involved in about 25-50% of sexual assaults reported both locally and across the country. The use of substances in sexual assaults is an important issue that asks us to look at and understand the issue a little differently.

The HKLN Drug Strategy will be participating in #SAPM by increasing awareness about the role of alcohol and other drugs in sexual assaults during the week of May 6-10th. We have put together a social media toolkit to help others engage in this important conversation.  Each day of the week will have a targeted message, with links to connect you to additional information and resources. Click here to see a message from the contributing partners.

Please help us by using this toolkit and sharing our social media messages widely.

Click here to subscribe to the drug strategy’s E-Newsletter for SAPM campaign details, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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