Thrive Northumberland has a mandate to provide a leadership role on the issue of violence against women in Northumberland County by:

  • advocating for an effective, accessible and comprehensive response to violence
  • promoting a greater flexibility and responsiveness of services/supports
  • acting as a primary resource to municipalities, government and agencies regarding violence against women
  • coordinating and strengthening linkages to enhance supports to victims of violence

Over the next three years our strategic aim is to become a leading Domestic Violence Community Coordinating Committee (DVCCC) for rural communities in Ontario to benchmark against by implementing a collective impact framework that will directly (and proactively) address the challenges victims, survivors and their families experience while seeking help from within the County’s support system.

The Thrive Northumberland Women’s Resource Hub aims to increase the accessibility of centralized, onsite services for survivors living in our rural and Aboriginal regions, seniors, LGBTQ persons, persons with disabilities and persons living in poverty. This community-led initiative aligns with two of the DVCCC’s strategic pillars:

  1. Increased coordination and collaboration amongst services providers;
  2. Improvements to system navigation for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Women of all ages can access Thrive’s Women’s Resource Hub every Monday morning from 9am to 12pm.  No appointment is necessary.  We are located inside of Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre at 40 Swayne Street in Cobourg.  Alternatively, you can call 905.372.1545 between 9am and 12pm on Mondays and ask to speak to a Thrive member.


Thrive Northumberland believes that a streamlined approach to providing coordinated access to supports systems for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence can remove barriers to system navigation and stimulate a collaborative response to systemic issues surrounding violence against women in our community.