Coalition Mission, Vision & Values


To facilitate community service coordination across sector organizations to address violence against women in Northumberland County.

Our strategic focus areas include survivor engagement, public education, youth engagement, monitoring systemic issues, and promoting community resources.


 Dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence for people living in Northumberland County.


 Our statement of principles are based on the following values:

  • Human-centric: Our work, services and programs follow a person-first philosophy.
  • Community level support: Our coordinated approach addresses systemic issues at the community level through social networking, re-enforcing community links, leveraging service partnership referrals and exchanging support through shared resources.
  • Safety: Our network of community agencies and services believe that all women and children have the right to live in safety and dignity. Our members are committed to creating environments where all women feel safe.
  • Collaboration: Our members are committed to working cooperatively and collaboratively to achieve our mission.
  • Confidentiality: We promise that all persons will be treated with integrity, trust, anonymity, confidentiality, openness, honesty and non-judgment in every situation.
  • Accessibility: Members will work to ensure that information and services must be accessible and sensitive to all people of all races, faith and spiritual beliefs, languages, cultures, ages, abilities (physical, emotional, developmental), economic situations, geographic locations, and sexual orientation.
  • Accountability: Our coordinated services and community events/activities must be accountable to all abused individuals and their children through the provision of resources, alternatives and options, as legislatively mandated, which allow for informed choice.
  • Empowerment: Members will support and advocate for women’s individual and collective right to make their own decisions.
  • Equality: Freedom from domestic abuse is a fundamental human right for everyone. Everyone has the right to be equal partners in all aspects of society. Our members will advocate for equity and social justice in an effort to address and eliminate barriers to ending domestic abuse and sexual assault in Northumberland County.
  • Inclusion: Our members believe that everyone is responsible for ending violence against women and creating a violence-free community.
  • Respect: We will ensure that every woman and child is treated equitably at our activities, services and events. Our members will also respect women’s rights to make their own decisions and choices for themselves, their bodies and their children.


Thrive Northumberland is one of the provincial Violence Against Women Community Coordinating Committees, representing community agencies and services providers that address domestic abuse, sexual assault and gender-based violence in and around Northumberland County.

We have a mandate to provide a leadership role on the issue of violence against women in Northumberland County by:

  • Advocating for an effective, accessible and comprehensive response to violence
  • Promoting a greater flexibility and responsiveness of services/supports
  • Acting as a primary resource to municipalities, government and agencies regarding violence against women
  • Coordinating and strengthening linkages to enhance supports to victims of violence by implementing and managing a VAW Community Service Hub